Dialog 6--Телефонный звонок

Тот кто звонит (The caller) Его абонент (His party)









Мо́жно мне поговори́ть с Ива́ном/А́нной.

May I speak with Ivan/Anna.

Нет, извини́те его/её нет дома. Он/Она ещё на рабо́те. Перезвони́те пожа́луйста че́рез час.

No, sorry he/she is not home. He/She is still at work. Call back please in an hour.

Мо́жете переда́ть ему́/ей сообще́ние?

Could you pass him/her a message?


I can.

Скажи́те что звони́л(а) _______. Я купи́л(а) ему́/ей слова́рь.

Say that ________ called. I bought him/her a dictionary.

Хорошо́. Переда́м.

OK. I will pass it on.


Thank you.


You are welcome.

До свида́ния.


До свида́ния.


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Key Words and Phrases

звоно́к--a (telephone) call

звони́ть--to ring

абоне́нт--telephonic party


поговори́ть--to talk to someone (about something)

перезвони́ть--to call back

че́рез час--in an hour

переда́ть сообще́ние--to give a message

переда́ть ему сообще́ние--to pass a message to him

скажи́те--say (you form, imperative of сказать)

Important Note

The word “алло” is not a greeting. The English word “hello” was not originally a greeting either and did not become one until some time after the invention of the telephone. The first telephones were were installed in pairs permanently connected by a direct line between two offices. Users would shout hails such as “Ahoy!” or “Hello!” into them to get the attention of someone at the other end. In 1877 Thomas Edison wrote of an early telephone, “I do not think we shall need a call bell as Hello! can be heard 10 to 20 feet away.”

At the beginning of the above conversation the parties shout “Алло!” to establish that the line is open and that there is someone on the other end. Then they greet one another with the word “Здра́вствуйте!”, since unlike “hello” in English “алло” is not a greeting.

If at any point one of them thinks the line has gone dead, he will start to shout “Алло! Алло!” until the other again says “Я слышу!” (I hear) or something similar. Do not make the mistake of shouting “Алло! Алло!” back since that would indicate that you do not hear the other party.

To greet someone standing in front of you by saying “Алло!” would be ridiculous and confusing. He would probably look for a phone in your hand.