Phrasebook 12--Letter Writing

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Russian letters are generally similar to English letters. They have the same basic elements:

  1. Sender’s address and date
  2. Greeting
  3. Body
  4. Closing and signature

But there are two important differences:

  1. Strangers and people who are not closed friends should never be addressed as “dear”.
  2. In English we begin with a topic sentence and then follow with supporting facts. In Russian the facts come first with the topic sentence as the conclusion.



Уважаемый Иван Иванович--Respected Ivan Ivanovich

Дорогой Саша--Dear Sasha (only between close friends)


извещаю вас--please me informed

к настоящему письму прилагается--enclosed please find


С уважением--Respectfully

С любовью--Love

Sample Note to Leave if Someone on your Magazine Route is not at Home

Здра́вствуйте! Э́то __________. Я не заста́л(а) вас до́ма. Я принёс/принесла́ вам но́вые журна́лы. Хочу́ подели́ться с ва́ми стихо́м из _____________. Наде́юсь ско́ро вас ви́деть. Greetings! This is ____________. I did not find you at home. I have brought you new magazines. I would like to share with you the verse at ___________. I hope to see you soon.