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Changes Released 19 March 2017

Changes Released 5 March 2017

Changes Released 2-3 March 2017

Changes Released 5 February 2017

Changes Released 29 January 2017

Changes Released 16 January 2017

Changes Released 10-12 January 2017

Changes Released 31 December 2016

  • Workbook Lesson 7B--Bible Teach Book: added this handout to main index from which it was missing
  • New item: Workbook Lesson 7C--Noun and Verb Forms
  • To the Instructor: changed statement that does not provide a full course since this is no longer true; added discussion of sample outline and the Information for Students handout; added discussion of Course Goals; added discussion of social competence
  • Improvements to organization and navigation:
    • Added a link to "Practice Tools" in Start Here
    • Split off part of Start Here as About this Site (change later reversed)
    • Renumbered quizzes so that the numbers indicate the week given rather than simply a sequence
    • Fixed a problem which occurred on iOS devices when the web site in App Mode was saved on the home screen. Clicking on links (including in the second-level menu) would open Safari rather than opening the link in the web app.
  • Added the JW Bible 2 app and the website Reverso Context to the recommendations page
  • Youtube: Dialogs: increased number of videos from one to 40
  • Youtube: General Vocabulary: added Natasha's Beginners Kit (two videos)

Changes Released 18 December 2016

Changes Released 11 December 2016

  • Redid the layouts of Alphabet 7--Speaking Alphabet and Grammar 20--Telling Time Clock so that they will fit on screens of various sizes, added drop shadows
  • Made all of the panels and menus in App Mode scrollable so that they are usable even on very small screens such as those on a phone.
  • Increased the ability of the slide shown on the App Mode start page to grown and shrink as the screen size and aspect ratio change.
  • Added allowfullscreen to the App Mode iframe so that Youtube videos can be displayed full-screen.
  • Introduction: improved style and clarity
  • Teaching Methods Used: Improved style and clarity, added missing teaching methods
  • Goals of this Course: proofread, added more links to source material for statements

Changes Released 4 December 2016

Changes Released 20 November 2016

Changes Released 12 November 2016

  • Removed changes before September 2016 from this list
  • Replaced sample course outline from 2013 course with one based on the 2015 course.
  • The following Written Exercises have been renumbered as lessons in a 16-week workbook.
    Written ExerciseWorkbook Lesson
    1--Review of Basic Grammar 2A--Review of Basic Grammar
    4--Using Language Generator 2 7A--Language Generator 2 Practice
    10--Read a Story 11A--Read a Story
    11--Using Language Generator 3 4A--Language Generator 3 Practice
    12--Genitive and Dative Case Review 5A--Genitive and Dative Case Review
    13--Using Language Generators 1 & 5 6A--Language Generator 1 & 5 Practice
    14--Using Language Generator 4 6B--Language Generator 4 Practice
    15--Subject-Verb Agreement 6C--Subject-Verb Agreement
    16--Study Reading 2 8A--Three Short Items
    17--Good News, Bad News 8B--Good News, Bad News
    18--Educational Exercise with Past Tense Verbs 8C--Educational Exercise with Past Tense Verbs
    19--Counting Things Review 9A--Counting Things Review
    20--Verbs of Motion 10A--Verbs of Motion
    21--Идти 11B--Language Generator 9 Practice
    22--Хотеть 11C--Language Generator 10 Practice
    23--Чтобы 12A--Чтобы
    24--Идти with Prefixes 12B--Идти with Prefixes
    25--Motion and Location 13A--Motion and Location
    26--Perfective and Imperfective Verbs 13B--Perfective and Imperfective Verbs
    27--Который 14A--Который
    28--Имя Бога (Part 1) 14B--Имя Бога (Part 1)
    29--Имя Бога (Part 2) 15A--Имя Бога (Part 2)
    30--Instrumental Case 15B--Instrumental Case
  • Renamed other handouts:
    Alphabet 3--Cognates ExerciseWorkbook Lesson 0A--Cognates Exercise
    Alphabet 2--Simple Alphabet ChartAlphabet 2--The Russian Alphabet
    Alphabet 6--Alphabet with CursiveAlphabet 3--Russian Cursive
    Alphabet 9--FSI ExercisesAlphabet 6--Alphabet Practice
    Reading 10--Bible Teach BookWorkbook Exercise 7B--Bible Teach Book
  • Created new handouts:
  • The following Written Exercises need improvement. They require to student to know and apply too much reference material. Not all of this material is identified. For this reason they are not used in the new Sample Course Outline and are excluded from the main index for the time being.
  • Playing of sounds when the reader clicked on special table cells was broken. This has been fixed.
  • Made the two alphabet chart handouts more consistent in their terminology and formatting.
  • Updated Alphabet 1--Instructions for Learning the Russian Alphabet to match the reorganization of the handouts. Now assumes that students will not get a printed copy of what is now called Alphabet 6--Alphabet Practice.
  • Renamed "Course Introduction for Students" to " Course Information for Students" and moved it from under "Start Here" to the instructor's download area since it is of little value to students using the website.
  • Created a new page called "Introduction" to take the place of "Course Introduction for Students" under "Start Here".
  • Added a new section "Perfective and Imperfective Verbs Illustrated" to Grammar 19--Perfective, Imperfective, and Future Tense

Changes Released 16 September 2016