Workbook Lesson 4A--Using Language Generator 3

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Welcome to Siberia! Yesterday it was -49 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 Celsius)! It is only a few degrees colder today. Imagine that you are working in field service today in Yakutsk, Siberia. You are working with with Иван and Анна. Please use Language Generator 3 to translate the following dialogue in the spaces provided.

Those sentences or parts of sentences which Language Generator 3 does not tell you how to translate have been translated for you. Where a sentence has been only partially translated for you the part of the English text left for you to translate is underlined.

You (ты): Good morning friends!
        Доброе утро друзья!

Иван and Анна: Good morning!
        ___________ __________!
        Hint: not in the Language Generator, but look above

Ты: I am very cold.
        __________ ___________ _______________.

Ты: Are you cold, Анна?
        ___________, ___________ _____________?

Анна: Yes, I am a little cold.
        ______, ________ _____________ _______________.

Ты: Иван, is it cold to you?
        ___________, _________ _____________?

Иван: I am not too cold.
        _________ ______ ______________ ________________.

Ты: Of course, you are locals.
        Конечно, вы местные.

Ты: That is why it is not very cold to you.
        Поэтому _________ ______ _________ ____________.

Иван (referring to you): He/she is very cold.
        __________ ___________ ___________.

Анна (to Иван): It is not too cold to us.
        _________ ______ ____________ ______________.

Анна: What should we do?
        Что нам делать?

Иван (to all): Let's do telephone witnessing.
        Давайте проповедуем по телефону.

Иван (to you): Do you like to witness by telephone?
        ________ ___________ проповедовать по телефону?

Ты: Yes, l like to witness by telephone a lot.
        Да, ______ _________ ____________ проповедовать по телефону.

Ты (to Анна): Анна, (do you like) to witness by telephone?
        Анна, ______ _____________ проповедовать по телефону?

Анна: A little.
        Hint: look in the Optional Modifier column.

Иван to all: Does this suggestion displease anyone?
        ___________ ______ ____________ этим предложением?

Ты and Анна: No.

Иван: Good, Let's go to my house, but not too fast.
        Хорошо, давайте пойдём к мне домой, но _____ ____________ ______________.