< Language Generator 17—Давай (Let’s)

Language Generator 17—Давай (Let’s)

Use this universal language generator to invite others to join you in some activity. To say “let us”, use one of the imperative forms of “давать” (to give). Use “давай” to invite an individual. Use “давайте” when addressing two or more. Whenever addressing someone you might call by a respectful title such as “Mr.” or “Madam” use “давай” even if there is just one person.

Let'sProposed Activity
Дава́й (ты form)

пойдём в магази́н.

go to the store.

Мы Form

The verb for the activity will generally be in the “мы” (we) form since you are proposing that “we” do it.

Дава́йте (вы form)

покуша́ем в рестора́не.

go eat in a fancy restaurant.



зака́жем пи́ццу.

order pizza.

расска́жем маме.

tell mama about it.

почи́стим зу́бы.

brush our teeth.

пригото́вим за́втрак.

make lunch.

посети́м Вефи́ль.

visit Bethel.

откро́ем Би́блию.

open the Bible.


get eating.


However it is sometimes left in the infinitive when everything is ready as a way of saying “let's get started”.


get working.


Дава́йте помо́лимся.Let us pray.
Дава́йте поку́шаем в рестора́не. Let's go eat in a fancy restaurant.
Дава́й зака́жем пи́ццу.Let's order pizza.
Дава́й почи́стим зубы.Let's brush our teeth.
Дава́й рабо́тать.Let's get down to work.