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Use our classroom handouts, slides, and videos to conduct on introductory course in the Russian language using techniques supported by modern neuroscience. These materials include universal language generators, picture flashcards, command lists and slides for total physical response exercises, dialogs to practice in class, and plain-English explanations of Russian grammar.

You can direct your students to our site so that they can use it when studying at home. On it they will find additional reference materials and online learning tools such as vocabulary drills and short video lectures.

These materials were originally created for ministers of Jehovah's Witnesses who desire to improve their ability to communicate with immigrants from Eastern Europe. While some of the exercises and vocabulary relate directly to this ministry, most of the material will be of use to anyone learning Russian in order to communicate with immigrants.

Most Russian courses are heavily focused on the needs of visitors to Russia. The vocabulary and dialogs are about tourism, student life, or business meetings. In contrast our goal is to help our students talk to ordinary people young and old whom they may meet on the street or by visiting them in their homes. Therefor our dialogs and vocabulary deal with more everyday situations and topics such as family, health, shopping for food, drinking tea, fishing, and of course religion.

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Learning Web Apps

The Russian Alphabet (Русский алфавит)

Reading Assignments

Dialogs (Диалоги)

Vocabulary Lists

Usage Advice

Phrasebooks (Разговорники)

Language Generators

Grammar Articles (Стати о грамматике)

Culture (Культура)

Workbook (Рабочая тетрадь)