< Workbook Lesson 4A—Language Generator 3 Practice

Workbook Lesson 4A—Language Generator 3 Practice

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Welcome to Siberia! Yesterday it was -49 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 Celsius)! It is only a few degrees colder today. Imagine that you are working in field service today in Yakutsk, Siberia. You are working with with Иван and Анна. Please use Language Generator 3—Кому как to translate the following dialogue in the spaces provided.

Those sentences or parts of sentences which Language Generator 3 does not tell you how to translate have been translated for you. Where a sentence has been only partially translated for you the part of the English text left for you to translate is underlined.

You (ты): Good morning friends!
        Доброе утро друзья!

Иван and Анна: Good morning!
        ___________ __________!
        Hint: not in the Language Generator, but look above

Ты: I am very cold.
        __________ ___________ _______________.

Ты: Are you cold, Анна?
        ___________, ___________ _____________?

Анна: Yes, I am a little cold.
        ______, ________ _____________ _______________.

Ты: Иван, is it cold to you?
        ___________, _________ _____________?

Иван: I am not too cold.
        _________ ______ ______________ ________________.

Ты: Of course, you are locals.
        Конечно, вы местные.

Ты: That is why it is not very cold to you.
        Поэтому _________ ______ _________ ____________.

Иван (referring to you): He/she is very cold.
        __________ ___________ ___________.

Анна (to Иван): It is not too cold to us.
        _________ ______ ____________ ______________.

Анна: What should we do?
        Что нам делать?

Иван (to all): Let's do telephone witnessing.
        Давайте проповедуем по телефону.

Иван (to you): Do you like to witness by telephone?
        ________ ___________ проповедовать по телефону?

Ты: Yes, l like to witness by telephone a lot.
        Да, ______ _________ ____________ проповедовать по телефону.

Ты (to Анна): Анна, (do you like) to witness by telephone?
        Анна, ______ _____________ проповедовать по телефону?

Анна: A little.
        Hint: look in the Optional Modifier column.

Иван to all: Does this suggestion displease anyone?
        ___________ ______ ____________ этим предложением?

Ты and Анна: No.

Иван: Good, Let's go to my house, but not too fast.
        Хорошо, давайте пойдём к мне домой, но _____ ____________ ______________.