< Workbook Lesson 13B—Perfective and Imperfective Verbs

Workbook Lesson 13B—Perfective and Imperfective Verbs

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Carefully study Grammar 19—Imperfective, Perfective, and Future Tense which briefly explains the difference between imperfective and perfective verbs. Also study the chart showing how to conjugate давать/дать.

Then apply what you have learned about perfective and imperfective. Read each English sentence below and decide whether the idea expressed by the underlined verb would be imperfective or a perfective in Russian. Then circle the correct verb form in the Russian version of the sentence.

1) Remember the poor widow of whom Jesus spoke. She gave very little. But Jesus said that she had done more then all the rest:
imperfective perfective
Вспомни бедную вдову, о которой говорил Иисус. Она
давала/дала очень мало. Однако Иисус сказал, что она сделала больше всех.

2) He gave his address.
imperfective perfective
давал/дал свой адрес.

3) I believe that Jehovah answered my prayers. He gave me strength not to return to the past.
imperfective perfective
Я верю, что Иегова отвечал на мои молитвы. Он
давал/дал мне силу не возвращаться к прошлому.

4) Every day after I would come home from school he would give me an assignment.
imperfective perfective
Каждый день после того, как я приходил из школы, он
давал/дал мне задание.

5) Yesterday they gave him explicit Bible counsel.
imperfective perfective
Вчера, они
давали/дали ему прямой библейский совет.

6) “Be faithful unto death, and shall give you the crown of life.”
imperfective perfective
«Будь верен даже до смерти, и я
буду давать/дам тебе венец жизни» (Отк. 2:10).