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Grammar 23—Bible Citations

Names of Bible Books

You will sometimes have to decline the names of Bible books such as when saying “an incident from Genesis”. To do that you will need to know their genders.

How to Read Chapter and Verse Citations


Зачитайте Исход пятнадцать три.

Зачитайте первую Летопись главу 5 стих один.

Зачитайте второе Тимофею главу семь с первого по третий стих.

Из Чисел главы тринадцать мы знаем...

Вы помните случай из первой Летописи двадцать первой главы?

Chapter and Verse Numbering

The New World Translation in Russian, like the English edition, uses the chapter and verse divisions of the King James Version. The division of the Russian Synodal Bible differs in a few places. In particular the Psalms are divided differently. A few simple rules will help you to find the desired verse:

Book Order

In the Russian Synodal Bible the letters of Paul come after all of the other letters rather than before them.

Book Names

There are some differences between the way books are named in the Russian New World Translation and in the Russian Synodal Bible.

New World TranslationRussian Synodal Bible
1 Самуила1 Царств
2 Самуила2 Царств
1 Царей3 Царств
2 Царей4 Царств
1 Летопись1 Паралипоменон
2 Летопись2 Папалипоменон