< Phrasebook 10—Dinner Party

Phrasebook 10—Dinner Party

If you are invited to a dinner party in a private home you should:

  1. Dress well. Wear neat, clean, pressed clothes. No shorts, tee-shirts, or other “athletic attire”.
  2. Never come empty-handed. Bring a gift such as a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, or candy for the children.
  3. Your host may politely tell you that you need not remove your shoes. Remove them anyway. Either bring your own slippers or accept those provided.


Спасибо за то что вы пришли.—Thank you for coming.

Спасибо за то что нас пригласили.—Thank you for inviting us.

Спасибо. Всё было очень вкусно.—Thank you. Everything was delicious.


Пожалуйста за столь.—Please come to the table.

Бери сметану.—Take some sour cream.

Возьмите ещё.—Have some more.

Нет! Нет! Я сыт(а).—No, no, I am full.

Будите чай или кофе?—Will you have tea or coffee?