< Workbook Lesson 10A—Verbs of Motion

Workbook Lesson 10A—Verbs of Motion

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The two verbs of motion shown below both describe motion which proceeds in one general direction during the time described by the narrator. Refer to Vocabulary 11—Verbs of Motion for more information.

идти́to be walking

Я иду́—I am walking

Ты идёшь—you (singular informal) are walking

Он/Она/Оно идёт— he/she/it is walking

Мы идём—we are walking

Вы идёте—you (plural or formal) are walking

Они иду́т—they are walking

е́хать—to be riding or driving

Я е́ду—I am riding/driving

Ты е́дешь—you (singular informal) are riding/driving

Он/Она/Оно éдет—he/she/it is riding/driving

Мы е́дем—we are riding/driving

Вы е́дете—you(plural or formal) are riding/driving

Они е́дут—they are riding/driving

Practice using these verbs by supplying the proper subject and verb in the following sentences. Use the boxes at right to draw what is happening in the sentences.

1) They are walking to the meeting.
_______ ________ на собра́ние.

2) He is walking to the store quickly.
_______ _______ в магази́н бы́стро.

3) I am walking to the river slowly.
_____ _______ к реке́ ме́дленно.

4) They are walking along on their way to the post office.
_______ ________ на по́чту.

5) I am on the bus on my way to the store.
_____ в авто́бусе _________ в магази́н.

6) We are driving on the way to your house.
_____ ________ к тебе́ домо́й.

7) She is on her way to Moscow.
_____ _______ в Москву́.

8) I am walking on my way to the doctor.
____ _______ к врачу́.