< Workbook Lesson 6B—Language Generator 4 Practice

Workbook Lesson 6B—Language Generator 4 Practice

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Fill in each blank below by writing the word in parenthesis in whatever case is required for the sentence to have the meaning printed in English below it. Some of the sentences are deliberately absurd. This serves an important instructional purpose.

In some of the examples we have put the thing given before the recipient. You will see that this does not change the basic meaning because you will identify the thing given and the recipient using cases.

1. Дай ___________ (Иван) ____________ (карандаш).

Give John the pencil.

2. Дай ___________ (карандаш) ____________ (Иван).

Give the pencil to John.

3. Дай ___________ (Иван) ____________ (карандаш).

Give John to the pencil.

4. Дай ___________ (Анна) ____________ (ручка).

Give to Anna the pen.

5. Дай ___________ (Анна) ____________ (ручка).

Give Anna to the pen.

6. Передайте пожалуйста _________ (письмо) __________ (брат).

Convey this letter to [your] brother.

6. Передайте пожалуйста _________ (письмо) __________ (брат).

Convey to the letter [your] brother.

7. Дай _________ (он) ___________ (надежда).

Give him hope.

8. Дай ____________ (человек) ____________ (книга) со ___________ (стол)!

Give the man a book from the table!

9. Дай ____________ (человек) ____________ (книга)!

Give the book a man!

10. Дай ___________ (кошка) ____________ (рыба) из ___________ (банка).

Give the cat a fish from the can.