< Reading 8—Послушание приносит благословения

Reading 8Послушание приносит благословения

This reading assignment is to learn the Russian version of the song Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed, song number 89 from Sing out Joyfully to Jehovah. With the help of the vocabulary printed below translate the song so that you will understand what you are singing. Then practice reading and singing it. Every time you see the word Припев, be sure to sing the chorus.

The Title

The title in Russian is “Послушание приносит благословения”. Word-for-word this means “Obedience brings blessings”.

Verse One

The first verse begins with a rhetorical question: “Охотно ли мы Иисусу внимаем?” Word-for-word this means “Willingly [?] we to Jesus are paying close attention?” The little word “ли” marks the word being questioned. Is it willingly that we pay attention to Jesus. The dative ending has been added to Иисус to make it mean “to Jesus”.

If we do listen willingly then Jesus’ worlds “озаряют наш путь”. The verb озарять is a poetic word meaning to shine light. Thus the phrase means “shine light onto our path”.

Verse Two

The phrase “наш образ жизни” means “our form of life”. In English we would say “our way of life”. Our way of life “станет защитой”, it becomes a protection. The world защита (protection) is in the instrumental case to indicate that this is a role which our way of life can play.

The rest of the verse alludes to Jesus’ parable of the house build on the rock mass. Some key words and phrases:

на камне—on a rock

возведён—a dramatic word for “built”. It conveys the idea of taking something and moving it upward.

внемлем советам[we] pay heed to the counsels

от буриfrom the windstorm


Verse Three

приносит дерево плодthe tree is bringing fruit. In English we would say the tree is bearing fruit.

у потоков водыby streams of water. Compare to “у меня(by me) in “у меня есть”.

послушныobedient. This is and everyday word. It is plural since there is an implied “мы” (we).

ждёт бесконечная жизньawaits (us) endless life. It Russian it is common to say that something which someone will come and get is waiting for him.

The Chorus

слушай, внимай, исполняйlisten, pay close attention, fulfill

если Бог волю открылliterally “If God [his] will opened”. In Russian words for “his” or “my” can often be omitted. Here God “opens” his will in the sense that he reveals it.

благословенья вкушайblessings taste. The verb is in the command form, so we are supposed to taste the blessings.