< Language Generator 18—Мы с другом (My Friend and I)

Language Generator 18—Мы с другом (My Friend and I)

This universal language generator shows how to say things like “My friend and I went to the park.” To the Russian way of thinking, saying “I” makes no sense because there are two persons involved. Instead they would say “We with my friend went to the park.”

Plural PronounCompanion(s)Predicate2



с тобо́й1

with thou

пошли́ в парк.

set out for the park.



с ва́ми1

with you

давно́ знако́мы.

are long aquinted.



с дру́гом

with a friend

сейча́с в служе́нии.

are in service right now.

с му́жем

with [her] husband

сади́ли огоро́д.

planted a garden.

с жено́й

with [his] wife

мно́го лет вме́сте.

have been together many years.

с Алексе́ем

with Aleksey

покупа́ем/покупа́ете/покупа́ют в магази́не.

are shopping in a store.

с Ма́шей

with Masha

посеща́ем Вефи́ль.

are visiting Bethel.

с мои́ми роди́телями

with my parents

уже́ не молоды́е.

are no longer young.

не може́м/може́те/могу́т отказа́ться.

cannot refuse.

1These obviously would make no sense if paired with with вы.

2If the predicate contains verbs, they must be plural because the main subject is a plural pronoun.


Мы с вами́ давно́ знако́мы. You and I are long acquainted.
Они́ с му́жем пошли́ в магази́н. She and her husband went out shopping.
Мы с тобо́й не може́м отказа́ться. Thou and I cannot refuse.