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Are you Ready?

The Russian word for "ready" is "готов". It is a short-form adjective. The ending changes depending on whether you are talking about a group, just one male person, or just one female person. It works like this:

Table: Saying "Ready" in Russian
He is ready Он гото́в
She is ready Она́ гото́ва
They are ready Они́ гото́вы

So if you were asking a group, you would use the plural form and say "Вы готовы?".

A man in a business suit asks "Вы готовы?" of two other men in business suits

If you are speaking to someone with whom you might use a title such as "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Professor", you show respect by addressing the person as you would a group. So you would still say "Вы готовы?"

Our businessman still asks "Вы готовы?" even though he is now asking just one man.

If you are addressing a family member, a close friend, or a child, then you must pick the form of "готов" which matches the sex of the person asked.

Our businessman asks a male child "Ты готов?"
Our businessman asks a female child "Ты готова?"

I am Ready!

When you say you are ready, you pick the form of the word "готов" which matches your own sex.

A man says "Я готов!" while a woman says "Я готова!"

If you are answering for a group, you will use the plural form of "готов" to say "We are ready."

Speaking as one the man and woman say "Мы готовы!"