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Personal Identifying Information will receive your personal identifying information (such as your name and e-mail address) only if you enter it into one of the forms provided for contacting the webmaster. The webmaster may use this information for purposes of sending you a personal reply and he may keep your message with contact information in a correspondence file. It will not become part of the website and will not be made part of a mailing list unless you request it.

Visit Tracking

All visits to this website are logged. This information is used by the webmaster to better understand what visitors are getting out of the site. Information collected includes which pages were viewed, when, from what IP address, and the name and version of the web browser used. Cookies may be used to recognize when particular anonymous visitors return (without identifying them personally). Javascript code in pages may send the server additional information about how you interact with a particular page such as which buttons you press.

Aggregate data such as which pages are the most popular or the number of visits from a particular geographic region may be shared with third parties, but information about the activity of individual visitors will not be shared.